About Us

British American Exchange Co. Ltd (BAEX) , a Private Limited Company is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Mauritius (BOM). BAEX also act as agent for Western Union money transfer service British American Exchange Co. Ltd. provides you with global payment solutions to meet your personal and business needs in foreign exchange dealings at competitive exchange rates while offering you professional, personalized, efficient, fast, secured and hassle free services. CHANGE FOR BETTER .

BA Exchange focuses on Three core activities:

1. Exchange of currency (money changer)

2. Western Union Money Transfer ( Including Amazon Payment)

3. Swift Transfer

Our staffs are professionally committed to offer you the most competitive exchange rate together with fast, friendly and efficient service. We deal in swift/telegraphic transfer, money changing activities, foreign currency demand draft, inward,outward and Amazon money transfer services through Western Union Money Transfer Services.

BA Exchange is committed to play an important role in the financial sector of the country while going the extra mile to meet challenges in terms of global payment solutions, delivery of excellent customer services and money changing businesses.



Mauritius is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Mauritius has a very strong offshore management and financial sector. Mauritius is one of the most diverse ethnic countries. These factors contribute to significant forex movement in Mauritius.

To serve the population and the guest of the Republic of Mauritius BA Exchange was granted the licenses in 2005 by the regulators.


A significant milestone has been achieved. We are proud to be one of the TOP currency transfer company around the globe. We are also proud to have attained the best transaction time for money transfer and money exchange.


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Having more than twenty years of experience in International Banking and supported by shareholders vision we are setting target to optimize our service time and provide the best forex deals. Our goal is to make BA Exchange as one of the top leading companies in Mauritius.

Phone:+230 6597022
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Having diverse experience in airlines, banking, human resource management and merger/ acquisition the responsibility is to provide direction to BA Exchanges operation and achieve the objective of become one of the most profitable company.

Phone:+230 6597022